Kiddy Grade Volume 2

I’m unsure about Kiddy Grade; the story seems to constantly hint at something deeper than the pure guns-and-lipstick formula we’ve become accustomed to since the first disc, without ever being consistent enough to leave a real impact on the viewers mind.
Kiddy Grade #2 simply continues this trend of enjoyable, but ultimately forgettable episodic action adventure.

The three episodes on this disc are basically three different crime stopping missions; each with their own little quirks, villains and ‘save the world at the last minute’ moments. Your enjoyment of these will depend on if you like watching Eclair and Lumiere kick butt (with their multitude of crazy weapons). As such, I must admit I had fun with this, without ever really feeling enthralled or attached to the main Kiddy Grade personalities.

I would not have these concerns if the show didn’t attempt to be something more than just a pure action adventure, but because it occasionally shows potential to shine as something not as shallow, I find myself frustrated by it– unwilling to settle for just another episode of mindless fun.

At this point, Eclair is obviously the lynch pin; holding Kiddy Grade together, yet we have rarely seen her in any mood other than the default ‘cheeky ass-kicker’ persona. References are made to her past in some of these episodes, but they are just so few and far between that the show ends up feeling slightly unbalanced.

The episodic stories themselves are actually quite fun and interesting, introducing us to a new planet in the Kiddy Grade universe while also presenting the viewer with some really enjoyable ‘candy-floss’ action. Sure, we never feel like Eclair et all are ever in any real danger, but that doesn’t make the experience any less fun or imaginative.

The Kiddy Grade character designs and animation also continue to shine; very colourful and vivid, they at least make it easier to remember who is supposed to be kicking whose butt.

In Summary

Kiddy Grade #2 continues the trend of slightly above average mindless fun set by the first volume. We are given an occasional hint at perhaps a story that goes beyond Eclair’s lipstick, but this just makes Kiddy Grade #2 all the more frustrating to watch. Enjoyable, yet forgettable action adventure.

7 / 10


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