Reviews Policy and Affiliate Disclosure

Anime UK News is an independent fan-run publication and community primarily centred around anime, manga, and light novels in the UK. We endeavour to only publish fair and unbiased reviews, and do not accept any form of incentive in return for positive reviews or news coverage.

We sometimes receive screener copies and other review materials for the purposes of review from distributors, publishers, or PR agencies, and such materials are only used to bring you fair, accurate reviews in a timely manner. The presence or absence of screeners or review materials do not affect our opinions, editorials, or review scores.

In short, if we think something is good or bad, we’ll tell you – no-one can ask us to write reviews, editorial or news coverage in a manner that suits them. We know how important it is to be fair and unbiased, and we are always working to bring balanced and fair coverage of everything going on in the UK anime industry.

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