Round up of news concerning anime and UK TV

We’re barely into 2008, yet the rather dramatic and convoluted issue of anime on UK TV has continued to twist and turn its way into the new year.

• Of course, the most saddening development is the sudden and still unexplained departure of ADV UK’s “Anime Network” TV channel from Sky Digital. Rather interestingly, its exit has coincided with ADV US killing North America’s 24/7 “Anime Network” TV station too, leading to speculation (which certainly rings true with Emma Vieceli’s earlier dialogue) that culling the UK’s strand was simply a consequence of an ADV business decision.

• On a more positive note, one of the many rumors surrounding “Anime Central” (the UK’s other anime channel) suggests that ADV are in talks to get some of their anime on that channel instead.
The other speculations involving Anime Central originate from a recent issue of NEO magazine, in which the channel’s spokesman Mark Buchanan claims (in a dubious tone) that they intend to “subtitle Monster and get it on air” and go “24 hours a day, seven days a week”, but given he ends the statement by claiming “everyone at Anime Central will spend at least Friday afternoons dressed in cosplay.”, it remains to be seen whether or not the first two points are genuine plans for the future.

2004’s “Monster” (thrilling crime drama set in Germany/central Europe) is a 74 episode TV epic often rated by fans as one of the finest anime of the decade, but due to its dark tone and unique characterization, it still hasn’t been licensed for a North American DVD release, hence it airing on Anime Central (even in subtitled form) being a major coup for the channel.

• Jetix UK have scheduled together their strand of anime programming (Shaman King, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Naruto and Viewtiful Joe) and acknowledged it as their “AwesomEST Anime” block.


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