ADV cancel several more anime releases in the UK

Though it seemed inevitable that the issues surrounding ADV in the US would eventually impact on their UK activity too, a report via AnimeOnDVD has formally confirmed that the following ADV UK DVD releases have been placed on indefinite hiatus (i.e. cancelled).

  • Ah! My Goddess Vol 2
  • Coyote Ragtime Boxset
  • Kurau Phantom Memory Boxset
  • Pumpkin Scissors Vol 2
  • Pumpkin Scissors Vol 3
  • Red Garden Complete Collection
  • Welcome to the NHK

Lace, ADV’s UK anime distributor, released this statement earlier today: “All existing stock of titles in these series will remain on sale for the time being.  Also, following the recent shift of licenses from ADV Films to FUNimation over in the US, all stock of said ADV licenses will also remain on sale for the time being.  If at any time this situation should change, LDMS will inform retailers and consumers as promptly as possible.

It’s now a case of waiting to see whether or not any of the above ends up in the UK via Revelation Films (Funimation’s UK distributor) instead (prime examples include Welcome to the NHK and Pumpkin Scissors).

However, things might be on the up for ADV (as a company, rather than their UK operations) as they recently announced their intentions to re-release (in the US) the 2-epsiode Battle Angel anime, a sci-fi action OVA from 1993.


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