5 new UK anime licenses announced at AmeCon 2008

Over this past weekend, AmeCon 2008 was happening at the University of Leicester and brought with it several new anime licenses that UK anime fans may be interested to discover.

Beez have picked up Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Sword of the Stranger (movie), while MVM announced Desert Punk, Solty Rei and Romeo and Juliet (along with confirming Daphne In The Brilliant Blue). No other licenses were announced by any other companies, though MVM were reportedly considering Slayers for a potential UK release in the future.

Also worthy of note is that during the UK industry panel, UK DVD sales figures were discussed and it was revealed by LDMS‘ (ADV‘s UK DVD distributor) Hugh David that Red Garden Volume 3 sold less than 50 copies at retail.

Detailed reports (and discussion) on this news (and experiences at the AmeCon convention itself) have been posted on our forums, courtesy of hopeful_monster and MrChom.


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