London Expo announcements

NOTE: Images are representation of series in question and may not look like the final product


They are constantly trying to acquire the licenses to One Piece and Dragonball Z. They have put in an offer to license TV series Kanon and Bamboo Blade is potential license in future, but are Reluctant to license Sgt. Frog. Manga want to create UK based Anime streaming site which will also involve iTunes.  Dangerous Cartoons Act could limit some licenses as cutting scenes is very expensive process to carry out.


Eden of the East TV series :
Out on both DVD & Blu-Ray by October.


Out before the end of the year.

Ghost in the Shell S.A.C Solid State Society:

will be released on Blu-Ray before Christmas time.

Vampire Knight:

Should be cheap release available for under £10 on One Disc and will be out in October


Vampire Knight Guilty

Professor Layton and the eternal diva:

Will be out in October.


BEEZ has another subtitled release lined up for the future. Also BEEZ mention that selling 5,000 units is very good sake figure for a UK Anime release.



To be Japanese with English Subtitles (So no English voice track) and will be released by the end of the year


Gundam 00 – season 2


Gundam Zeta: The movie trilogy

Outlaw Star:

To be released straight into Anime Legends Brand


Will now to start to release titles in 2-disc sets. Virtually all their Anime profits go back to the Japanese producers and rights holders.


To be release in September

Slayers revolutions

Slayers Evolution-R

Blade of the immortal