News about the Grand Cosplay Ball

For anybody wondering when the 2011 Grand International Cosplay Ball will take place in the UK, we have an answer: it’s on hiatus.Fortunately it is to make the next event bigger and better when it returns in 2012.This includes searching for a bigger venue, recruiting more staff and moving their website to a new server.

In a statement posted on the website they explained:

We felt that there were a lot of things we could improve on from our last event, and many ideas which we have been planning since 2008, but we haven’t had the time or opportunity to make them a reality yet. We are grateful to everyone who has supported our event in the last 4 years, and we’re sorry if anyone is disappointed that we won’t be running in the UK this year.

Some of the new positions we are creating in our organisation will be open for the public to apply – more details will posted up in the next few weeks! 18 months is a long time to wait, so we are also looking at running some smaller parties during the year too.

Stay tuned for more news.



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