Announcement + Roundup from the May MCM Expo

The London MCM Expo for May has just about been and gone and we have a good collection of announcements thrown at us. Here is a quick rundown of what was announced for release here in the UK:

Tiger & Bunny



Freedom – Single Blu-Ray release on the 10th of October

King of Thorn

Dance of the Vampire Bund

Phanton: Requiem of the Phantom

Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny – Straight to box set.

Blade of the Immortal( as a 3 disc set)

Strike Witches

On top of the announcements, Manga, MVM and Kaze gave a quick roundup of what was selling/’doing well int he UK this past few months, with Tiger & Bunny showing to be the most popular series on Anime on Demand, Professor Layton selling close to 24k units for manga, and for MVM, we heard that Samurai Champloo was still selling well even now, and that it will be getting another re-release this year hopefully backing up it’s 27-28k units sold so far.

There was also a representative from Animenewsnetwork on the panel there, generally to get an idea and feel for the British Anime community and how different series trend here compared to over in the US, again with Samurai Champloo a good example, only doing mediocre in the US, whilst selling strongly here.

For more discussion on the Panel: the MCM Expo Anime Panel Spring 2011 Discussion thread