Nakama Britannica Podcast Episode 2: Taste the Kon!

The second episode of the Nakama Britannica podcast is now available. Team member VivisQueen introduces the topic:

In episode two of the Nakama Britannica podcast, we discuss Satoshi Kon. People might be wondering, in light of his recent death, and the subsequent slew of media covering him, whether we have anything new to say about the life and works of a much-missed anime director. The answer is ‘No, but we have a bloody good title to go with it!’

Well, okay, we tried to be a little innovative by coming at it from an angle others might not have considered. Even if he is much-celebrated and much-missed, his works are known for being damn unusual. The question arises, has Satoshi Kon got anything to offer the ‘average’ anime fan, that is, the person who is normally satisfied with their little girls and giant robots? Hopefully we convince you that the answer is ‘yes’.

Click here to listen!

You can find the previous podcast, and future episodes over on the Nakama Britannica blog.


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