Jormungand Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

Takahashi Keitarou’s action-adventure manga series, Jormungandm, is getting a TV anime adaptation with White Fox handling the production.


Koko Hekmatyar is an unofficial arms dealer for HCLI, a weapons manufacturer. As an unofficial seller she must avoid the authorities of different countries because her work is illegal under international law. To protect her she has a team of bodyguards who are mostly ex-military. The latest recruit is Jonah, a seemingly emotionless and highly skilled child soldier who hates weapons dealers. As he follows Koko and herbodyguards he is searching for the weapons dealer responsible for the death of his family in order to exact revenge.

News was announced on the wraparound jacket band on the 10th volume of Jormungand.

White Fox should be familiar to anime fans from their work on Steins;Gate. They are currently working on a Steins;Gate Movie.

The manga was originally serialised in Shogakukan’s Monthly Sunday GX magazine in 2006 and it end in the February  2012. Viz Media currently publishes the book in English.



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