Film4 Screens Studio Ghibli Films in August

Film4 will be screening Studio Ghibli films between August 1st and 9th and part of that screening list is the UK TV premiere of My Neighbors the Yamadas. Here’s the schedule:

Thursday August 1st: My Neighbors the Yamadas (11:00) Sub

Friday August 2nd: Ocean Waves (11:00) Sub

Saturday August 3rd: My Neighbor Totoro (11:00)  English Dub

Sunday August 4th: Arrietty (11:00)  English Dub

Monday August 5th: Ponyo (11:00) English Dub

Tuesday August 6th: Whisper of the Heart (11:00) English Dub

Wednesday August 7th: My Neighbors the Yamadas (1:45), Sub  The Cat Returns (11:00),  English Dub

Thursday August 8th: Only Yesterday (11:00)  Sub

Friday August 9th: Kiki’s Delivery Service (11:00)  English Dub

Sunday August 10th: Arrietty (17:15)



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