More Tiger & Bunny: The Rising details announced

The official website for Tiger & Bunny: The Rising, the sequel to 2011 TV anime series and second film in the website, has updated with a brand new trailer, as well as information about new characters in the movie, which is due for release in Japan on 8th February 2014.

The film focuses on “Justice Day” – a special occasion that commemorates Sternbild’s legendary goddess and a catastrophe that occurs on that day. Following on from the reveal of Apollon Media’s new hero and Barnaby Brooks Jr’s new partner Golden Ryan, four new characters have been unveiled.

Mark Schneider (voiced by Houchu Ohtsuka, Naruto‘s Jiraiya). Mark is the new owner of Apollon Media. During the events of the movie, three mysterious NEXT attack the city of Sternbild. They are the strong Richard Max (Rikiya Koyama, Soul Eater’s Lord Death), the exotic Kasha Graham (Nana Mizuki, Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Wrath) and the mysterious and elderly Johnny Wong (Mugihito, Evangelion’s Keel Lorenz).

Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning is due out on DVD and blu-ray later this year courtesy of Anime Limited.

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