Dragonball Z Kai to return with Buu saga this April

Back in 2011, the Dragonball Z Kai condensed re-airing of the cult 1990s Weekly Shonen Jump sensation Dragonball Z ended with the Android Cell saga, leaving out the series’ final story arc, the Majin Buu saga. After numerous teases last year from various corners of the globe, the April issue of V Jump has revealed that on 6th April 2014, a “new age of Kai” will begin with the series returning for the Majin Buu saga, filling the 9am timeslot currently held by Toriko.

Dragonball Z Kai is currently airing on Kix, while the original Dragonball Z anime was released on DVD last year by Manga Entertainment UK, who are currently releasing its sequel Dragonball GT and will be releasing the prequel Dragonball from May.


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