Fairy Tail Volume 6

“I want to destroy the passer-by. I want to be anarchy.” – Sex Pistols

This sixth collection of episodes in the fantasy shonen series concludes the Oracion Seis arc, as well as delivering another new separate story.

In the previous collection, several wizard guilds were battling against six dark wizards who were planning to revive “Nirvana” a form of magic that turns light into dark and vice versa. At this point, Natsu is battling a fellow Dragon Slaver called Cobra, who uses poison magic. Meanwhile Erza is still coming to terms with meeting a revived but amnesiac Jellal. There is also the issue of young wizard Wendy who really wants to meet up with Jellal who helped her when she was young. However, things get really chaotic when Brain, the leader of Oracion Seis transforms and changes into another wizard called Zero who craves only chaos and destruction.

Later on in this collection, Natsu learns from Gray that he has come across someone who claims that they have seen a dragon. Hoping it is Igneel, Natsu goes off to meet the person, a wizard called Daphne. However, it turns out to be a trick as she plans to use Natsu’s powers for her own vile ends. To make things worse, it looks like someone in the Fairy Tail guild is a traitor…

While the Oracion Seis arc is decent enough, personally speaking, I prefer the second story. These four episode have a nice short plot which not only makes a pleasant change from one long story after another, but also avoids filler. It also leads to some interesting character development, especially for Natsu.

There are other also other core elements which first appear in this collection. The guild gets another regular wizard, who forms a central role in both stories, and Lucy gains some more keys to her collection.

However, at times you do sometimes find yourself drifting off during the more boring parts of the story, mainly in the first few episodes of this collection.

In terms of extras, there are episode commentaries, trailers, and textless opening and closing.

7 / 10

Ian Wolf

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