Elfen Lied Coming To Blu-Ray This Summer

Fans of Arms Corporation’s iconic horror anime Elfen Lied in the United Kingdom will finally have the chance to get their vectors on a high definition release of the cult gory classic this summer, following news that 101 Films will be releasing the series in the high definition blu-ray format on 27th July 2015.

This new release will come in an exclusive metal case and will include a 36-page booklet, as well as the series’ original video animation, marking the first time that this important chapter of Lucy’s past has been made available in the United Kingdom; ten years after it was originally released in Japan.

Based on the original manga by Lynn Okamoto and directed by Mamoru Kanbe (Sound of the Sky), the events of this thirteen-episode series centre around Lucy, who after escaping from a high security facility and washing up on a beach without her memory or clothes, is taken in by two cousins who are quickly made aware of the “Diclonius”; a newly-evolved species feared for their murderous tendencies, of which their new guest is a member.

101 Films previously released a DVD collection of Elfen Lied in 2013 under their “101 Anime” label. The series was originally broadcast on Japanese television in 2004 and in 2007, was shown on as part of the now-defunct Anime Network block on Propeller TV in the United Kingdom.


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