AnimeEigo’s Otaku no Video Kickstarter Succeeds, Riding Bean Promised

Last week, AUKN’s Ian Wolf reported that American anime distributor AnimEigo had launched a Kickstarter campaign for a release of Otaku no Video and today, AnimeEigo has seen its Kickstarter for Otaku no Video achieve its goal with 22 days to go!

The AnimeEigo campaign to release Otaku no Video reached its goal of $40,000 in 13.5 hours of its launch. With the success of the campaign the Cover Up(grade) stretch goal has been changed from 1982 backers to 999 backers and the four-page Mini Manga stretch goal from 3967 to 1982 backers while more stretch goals are promised.

Following this success AnimeEigo has also announced they would launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a “High Octane Edition” of Riding Bean later this Summer. AUKN forumites may be familiar with Riding Bean because it was aired a number of times by the Sci-Fi channel back when it was once a source of anime.

 Here’s the story:

Underworld deliveryman-for-hire Bean Bandit and his sidekick Rally Vincent are given the task of rescuing a girl from kidnappers and transporting her to safety in Bean’s notorious car the Road Buster. Unfortunately Bean and Vincent have been double-crossed by their would-be clients so run the risk of not only losing the cash but falling foul of the highway police and the kidnappers themselves.

Here’s a review of a release put out by MVM films from 2006.



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