Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld Red Band Trailer

The Red Band trailer for Takashi Miike’s latest title, Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld, was recently released and it shows some of the insane action that will be in the film.

Synopsis: Akira works for the so-called “invincible” yakuza boss Genyo Kamiura and dreams of being an honourable criminal. What he finds is not what he expected. His fellow gangsters don’t play by old-school rules of loyalty and honour. Even worse, his boss is a vampire and he has just been slayed. Akira drinks the blood of his boss and takes his place as the ultimate yakuza vampire and a war begins!

Takashi Miike is famous for his gangster films like Dead or Alive and his extreme cult films like Audition and Ichi the Killer but in recent years he has worked on more mainstream titles like 13 Assassins. With Yakuza Apocalypse he has returned to his roots of extreme action and horror. The film plays at the BFI London Film Festival and Manga Entertainment is listed as distributor.

Keep watching the site for a preview of the festival.


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