Third Window Films Release Makeup Room today

Third Window Films have released the racy and somewhat satirical indie adult video comedy Makeup Room today. If you ever wanted to see some of the comical scenes that go on behind the pink curtain of the Japanese adult entertainment industry then this award-winning comedy from veteran AV director Kei Morikawa might be for you.

With real life AV actresses portraying the characters you might expect plenty of flesh but the focus is more on the performers and the staff of the movie preparing for work in the makeup room and the details of their lives that spill out. The film started off as a stage play and the people on screen do a fine job at acting as characters who deal with the realities and taboos of the trade and how society treats them in what turns out to be a clever and funny comedy. It has gone on tour at various film festivals around the world including this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival and it was the winner of the Grand Prix in the Fantastic Off-Theater Competition at this year’s Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival.

 Here are the details:


Directed by Kei Morikawa
(Director of more than 1000 Japanese porn films! His fiction feature debut)

Japan / 2014 / 86 Mins / In Japanese with English subtitles / Colour
Starring Japanese porn stars: Riri Kuribayashi, Nanami Kawakami & Beni It
alongside indie-film actress Aki Morita (Henge, Sharing)

On DVD October 26th

DVD Special Features:
Interview with Cast & Crew

Makeup Room is not a documentary, but a touching and hilarious look behind the curtain of Japan’s porn industry starring some of its top stars and directed by one of its most legendary directors!
Shot in just 2 days with a budget of $2000 it has still gone on to be a hit at many international film festivals!

Yubari Fantastic Film Festival – Winner: Grand Prix
Official Selection – Edinburgh International Film Festival, Udine Far East Film Festival, Japan Cuts, Taipei Film Festival

For the production of a new adult video, make-up artist Tsuzuki (Aki Morita) finds herself in all sorts of chaos when she ends up as the only person taking care of a large and varied cast of adult video stars. From the low-end, ‘will do anything’ Sugar Sato (Mariko Sumiyoshi) to the stuck-up pro Masami Ayase (Beni Ito), seasoned nymph Masako (Riri Kuribayoshi) and the shy newbie Toshiko (Nanami Kawakami), Tsuzuki must navigate a minefield of egos, controlling directors, production issues and more to keep the cast and crew calm during a long and tiresome shoot!   

All shot in just one room and starring many real-life adult video actresses, director Kei Morikawa looks at his own experiences as a director in the adult video industry to make a smart, funny and touching comedy of Japan’s porn industry!


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