Kill la Kill the Game Announced by TRIGGER x Arc System Works

For the past couple of days Japanese animation studio TRIGGER and Japanese game publisher Arc System Works had been teasing fans with a special countdown that concluded with a reveal during the latest episode of DARLING in the FRANXX. That reveal turned out to be a brand new action game based on Kill la Kill.

The game is described as a battle action title with a current release date set for sometime in 2019. APLUS will be handling the development while Arc System Works will publish the game. More information about the game will be revealed during Anime Expo 2018 on 5th-8th July 2018. The site also showed off some screenshots of what the game looks like at the moment as well as an announcement trailer.

Arc System Works are the same team who also published the BlazBlue series, the Guilty Gear series and recently Dragonball FighterZ.

Kill la Kill aired during the Autumn 2013 season and became one of the biggest anime titles of that year. The anime is available to own on Blu-ray from distributors Anime Limited (UK & Ireland), Aniplex of America (US & Canada) and Madman (Australia & New Zealand) and also accessible via streaming on Crunchyroll (US & Canada, Australia & New Zealand, select European territories outside UK/IE & France) and Netflix (UK & Ireland).

Source: Official Kill la Kill the Game Website


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