Manga Exhibition to Open at the British Museum in 2019

The world famous British Museum has announced plans to host a Manga Exhibition next year – the largest of its kind outside of Japan! Between 23rd May – 28th August 2019, the influential

While curators at the British Museum already look after a growing collection of manga, the museum revealed in a tweet this morning that many of the items to be featured will be loans making their first ever appearance in the United Kingdom!

The British Museum describes the exhibition as follows:

Enter a graphic world where art and storytelling collide in the largest exhibition of manga ever to take place outside of Japan.

Manga is a visual narrative art form that has become a multimedia global phenomenon, telling stories with themes from gender to adventure, in real or imagined worlds.

Immersive and playful, the exhibition will explore manga’s global appeal and cultural crossover, showcasing original Japanese manga and its influence across the globe, from anime to ‘cosplay’ dressing up. This influential art form entertains, inspires and challenges – and is brought to life like never before in this ground-breaking exhibition.

Tickets are available to book now at the British Museum, with entry being free for existing members. The exhibition will be open between the aforementioned dates, from 10:00am – 17:30, with last entry 80 minutes before closing.

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