Fourth Maquia Delay Confirmed By Anime Limited

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, the directorial debut of acclaimed screenwriter Mari Okada (AnoHana) will now be released in the United Kingdom on 17 June 2019, following confirmation of a further delay by the distributor. Despite Anime Limited citing the reason as being a delay in printing of a Collector’s Edition item, they confirmed to Anime UK News that this new date also applies to the Standard Edition DVD and Blu-ray releases of the title.

This marks the fourth overall delay of the P.A. Works film, which was initially slated for December 2018, before being pushed back to January, March, May, and now June. Pre-orders for the highly anticipated Collector’s Edition were offered as part of Anime Limited’s now-controversial 12 Days of Christmas promotions, which promised an exclusive short script by Okada, and required upfront payment from customers.

The Maquia Collector's Edition, featuring a digipack, an A3 replication of the theatrical poster, and a hardcover art book, contained in a rigid box.

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms‘s new release date is now just 10 days away from the first anniversary of the film’s 27th June 2018 theatrical release. Anime Limited’s French release of the film, has seen a further delay to 26th June. Customers who pre-ordered from Anime Limited’s online store have been informed that they will likely receive their order as stock becomes available in advance of this new release date, however.

Have you pre-ordered Maquia, and what are your thoughts on this delay? Let us know in the comments!

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