Manga Entertainment Schedules UK Release for One Piece Collection 21

Distributor Manga Entertainment has announced plans to release more One Piece episodes in the UK. To be precise, they have scheduled the 21st collection set for the main television series.

Collection 21 covers episodes 493 to 516, which adapts the Post-War story arc just before the New World saga begins. This story arc was adapted in anime form back in 2010 so it has been a long time coming for UK & Ireland fans to finally own these episodes in legal home-video form.

One Piece fans will be able to own Collection 21 starting 16th March 2020 on DVD. There is currently no Blu-ray release in any English-speaking territory for the TV series. Links for retailers are slowly appearing but Amazon will have their listing available soon.

One Piece is a long-running television anime series animated by Toei Animation and based on Eiichiro Oda’s 1997 manga series which is also on-going. The television series has reached 917 episodes as of 12th January 2020 while the manga has reached 967 chapters thus far.

One Piece is currently not available for legal streaming at this time of this article for the United Kingdom and Ireland, however, Manga Entertainment has released episodes 1-491 and movies 1-9, Film: Strong World, and Film: Z for home video release. One Piece Film: Stampede is also coming to UK theatrical screens on Sunday 2nd February 2020.

Source: Manga Entertainment Press Release


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