Korean Publisher Lezhin Comics Partners with Anime-Planet, Offers Over 120 WebToons on the Service

Online website Anime-Planet has announced a new partnership for their platform, this time with Korean publisher Lezhin Entertainment who publish many WebToons on their service. These WebToon titles will be available to read through Anime-Planet for users to check out, similar to the J-Novel Club partnership.

With the exclusive partnership, Lezhin will provide Anime-Planet with hundreds of selected WebToons episodes for users to read for free, with links to check out more over on Lezhin Comics official platform. The WebToons titles cover a variety of genres including Action, Boys Love (BL), Girls Love (GL), Romance and more. The two companies will continue to provide more WebToons onto Anime-Planet in the future.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to share the amazing webtoons we have at Lezhin Entertainment with a larger global audience. Anime-Planet, as a leading destination for webtoon information, represents an amazing opportunity to reach a broader audience with Korean webtoons.”
Jae Heung Jeon, the president of Lezhin Entertainment’s US division

Below is a list of every WebToons series available to read on Anime-Planet below. The line-up includes fan-favourites like Angel Buddy and King’s Maker.

  1. 1 Plus 1 (1 Deohagi 1-eun) by Soru
  2. 10 Years in the Friend Zone (10-nyeonjjae Chaineun Sokkupchingu) by NIMNI
  3. 30 Days With You by Wonee Kim, Youngmo
  4. All I Want Is… Who?! (Naega Wonhaneun Geon) by Jung
  5. An Uncomfortable Truth by EErun
  6. Angel Buddy by MasterGin, Chungnyun
  7. ANTI P.T. by Gpiee Lee
  8. Appetite by Lero
  9. The Ashen Snowfield (Jaetbitseorwon) by Hyeonlock, Harmrock
  10. At the End of the Road (What Lies at the End) by Haribo
  11. Back to School (Bokaksaeng, Return Student) by Oryu
  12. Base to Base by Ban
  13. Big See (Amanza) by Bo-Tang Kim
  14. BJ Alex by Mingwa
  15. Black Dragon Romance (Heungnyongui Yeonin) by Iwon Ju, Kidari Studio
  16. The Blood of Madam Giselle (Giselle Ssiui Pi) by Yunji Lee
  17. Blood Strangers by 1230
  18. Blooming Sequence by Lee Eul
  19. Blunder Turned Wonder by Caribo
  20. Broken Melody (Eunsa) by Ijae
  21. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You! by Team Manna
  22. The Chain of Youth (Cheongchun Yeonswae) by Dead Sea
  23. A Compendium of Ghosts by Lee Yul
  24. Consumua and Sudutist! by Dott
  25. A Country of Maestri by Muhwa
  26. Daily Witch by Sungwon
  27. Dallae by Choonae
  28. Danzi by Danzi
  29. The Devil’s Boy (Angmaui Sonyeon) by Kirin Gwon, Jihyun Yun
  30. Digitalis by Seol, Reck
  31. Doridosim by Gpiee Lee
  32. Dosa by Nuil-Lil, Ikki
  33. Dream Away (Chakgageun Jayu) by Lee Hana
  34. Dubious Moon by Yujeong Ju, ezyoung
  35. Ellin’s Solhwa by Cibeles
  36. En Garde by IRE
  37. Escape Devildom by MooMen
  38. Eunsoo by Studio Sibo
  39. Everyday Lily by Gom Mali
  40. False Memories by Gpiee Lee
  41. Forever Mine by Byutt
  42. Four-way Stop (4-wa 2-bunui 1 Jeonggeojang) by Team Manna
  43. Freak-Quency by Xero, Sakon
  44. G’Day by Yong-Sung Choi
  45. Gilgamesh (Epic of Gilgamesh) by Hwan Daeng
  46. Girl in the Birdcage (Saejangui Sonyeo) by koer
  47. Girl Reborn by Appling, Antler
  48. Girlfriends by Mahozzang
  49. Go Jin and Gam-rae by PingPu
  50. Good Night, See You in My Dreams by EErun
  51. Gray by Woollee
  52. The Greatest Wolf of My Life (Nae Saengae Choegoui Neukdae) by Ran, Byung-gwan Kim
  53. A Guy Like You (A Man Like You) by WAJE
  54. He Does a Body Good (Sweet Guy) by Won-sik Lee, Hyeong-jun Park
  55. He Loves Me by Jane
  56. Head Over Heels by South Star, Prishe
  57. Heesu in Class 2 (2-ban Ihuisu) by Lily
  58. Her Pet (Geunyeoui Amkae) by Pito
  59. Hotel Phryne by Studio Sibo
  60. How to be Good (Olbareun Insaengeul Saraganeun Beop) by Masatoki, Kim Bit
  61. How to Hate Mate (Hate Mate) by Reck
  62. How to Use an Angel (Cheonsaui Yongdo) by Gong Sa
  63. Hush (Joryeokja A-gun) by Today
  64. I See Your Money (Neoui Doni Boyeo) by Sria, Minguk23
  65. Immortal Days (Bulmyeorui Naldeul) by Heo Gin Gae
  66. Inhale by Chashoo, One Q
  67. Inner Beauty by Fairytale
  68. Jazz for Two (Jazz Cheoreom) by Clarju
  69. King’s Maker by Haga, Kang Jiyoung
  70. The Knight of the Falling Star (Yuseongui Gisareul Butakae!) by Su Jeong Gwa
  71. The Lady and Her Butler (Agassiwa Ureongchonggak) by JADE
  72. Let’s Go, ASMR! (ASMR-ro Gaja) by Pongpong
  73. Look at Me by KONY
  74. The Love Doctor (Iseong Yeonae Baksa) by Chamsae, Bansook
  75. Love in Spring (Neoui Bom Naui Bom) by DiDi, Ssal
  76. Lovely Death (Saranghaneun Jugeum) by aeon
  77. Lucid Dream by Masa Rabbit, Kirty
  78. A Man of Virtue (Jeongsukan Namja) by GGANG-E, Wook
  79. Man on the Screen (Hwamyeon Sok Geudae) by Nagil
  80. Mango’s Bone (Mango-ui Ppyeo) by Gold Kiwi Bird, Tired Vagabond
  81. Matchstick Twenty by Masatoki, Do-hyun
  82. Miss Guillotine (Jingbeol Sonyeo) by Gaje, stego
  83. My Cute Beast! (Gwiyeoun Yasunim!) by Heim, Haesol Jeong
  84. My Pet Bat (Bagjwi Sayug) by JADE
  85. My Secret Brother (Malhal Su Eomneun Nammae) by Willow
  86. My Starry Sky (Uju, Sonyeon) by Confeito Planet
  87. My Student Can’t Be a Psychopath (Nae Haksaengi Psychopath-il Riga Eopseo) by Pluto
  88. No Holes Barred (2-chaseon Doro Teoneol Ttulki) by Jong-geon Kim
  89. Ordinary Men (Botongnamnam) by Lesh
  90. Painter of the Night (Yahwacheop) by ByeonDuck
  91. Pandora’s Choice (Pandora-ui Seontaek) by Yudori
  92. Paradise Lost (Swilla Geon) by Masatoki, Meal
  93. Peach Love by Fujoking
  94. Percy & the Yummies (Meongmeongnyamnyam) by Moram Sim
  95. Regnal Trigger by Kalma
  96. Romantic Marbling by Hangyeol
  97. Roommate 101 (Geunomhak Gaeron) by Gpiee Lee
  98. The Roommate Agreement (Aramirang Samnida!) by Cog
  99. RPG Comic (Role Playing Game Manhwa) by Gaechaban
  100. Save Me (Guwonhasoseo) by 1230
  101. Secret Alliance (Secret Dongmaeng) by Lero
  102. Secret Crush (Bimilseureoun Jjaksarang) by Jung
  103. Sexless by AM
  104. Shades and Shadows (Yeonpirui Gakdo) by HongJa
  105. The Shop with No Name (Ireum Eomneun Gage) by HAMONG
  106. A Shoulder to Cry On (Sonyeoneul Wirohaejwo) by Dongmul
  107. Something About Us (Our Relationship Is…, Urisaineuneun) by Yunji Lee
  108. Star x Fanboy (Park Bae Woo x Kim Nam Paen) by Cheomji Kim
  109. Story of Our Lives (Geudeurui Sajeong) by Sria, Chahyun
  110. Teach Me! by Newra
  111. Truth or Dare (Jinsolhan Segye) by Youmy
  112. Unhinged (Geuksosu) by KimBiva
  113. Unintentional Love Story (Biuidojeok Yeonaedam) by Pibi
  114. Unknown Code by Carnby Kim, Hoopa
  115. Vampire Heart (Neupui Narak, Bottomless Swamp) by Sunbo
  116. Voice of Love (Aejeong Voice) by Pongpong
  117. Vows of Lies by Seung-Jong Yoo
  118. What’s Going On? (Ige Museun Iriya?) by Minguk23
  119. White Angels Have No Wings (Hayancheonsaege Nalgaeneun Eopda) by Gado
  120. The Wilting Light (Aseuranhi) by PHOCA
  121. Wolf in the House by Ji-Yeon Park
  122. Would You Give Your Heart to Me? (Neoui Heart-reul Naege Jullae?) by Sil-bi
  123. Your Highness, Please! (Wangjanim Chameuseyo) by Yerin Kim, Yura Jang
  124. Yours to Claim (Jooin-ui Sajeong) by ZZIN-BAM, WAJE

Source: Anime-Planet


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