Solo Leveling Volume 6 Review

Jinwoo is still inside the demon’s castle. He needs to reach the 100th floor to obtain the purified blood of the demon monarch—the last ingredient to craft the elixir of life to cure his mother. She has been suffering from the eternal sleep disease for the past four years. We don’t know much about the disease yet, but Jinwoo’s mother is in a coma. The demon’s castle dungeon is his chance to get the antidote.

However, in his journey to clear the floors, he meets intelligent demons. Jinwoo hopes to find answers to his questions—about the dungeons, the monsters and his powers—but the system won’t let him have them yet. He needs to earn them. He needs to defeat everything the system throws at him and get stronger. But first of all, he needs to take care of his family.

At the same time, outside the dungeon Jeju Island is being afflicted by ant monsters, which are also attacking people in the surrounding area. Korea is in dire need of help. Thankfully (or maybe not), the Japanese hunters association is forming a team to help the Koreans clear the dungeon. Jinwoo decides to pass this mission, but he still gets the chance to meet the Japanese team and gauge their level.

Why does each volume of Solo Leveling makes me even more addicted than the previous one? The story, the art and even the pace of the manhwa are amazing. When you open the volume you get transported right in the middle of the story, and if you’ve followed Jinwoo’s adventure since Volume 1, you can’t help but cheer for him. I’m as invested as him in figuring out what’s the system and why he was chosen.

Also, what’s going on with the illustrators making the characters so beautiful and handsome? Jinwoo changed so much, not only in power level but in appearance too. I was afraid that the stronger he’d become the less human he’d be, but he still keeps his humanity. I believe this is due to the desire to heal his mother and protect his sister. Jinwoo and his sister have been alone for years, since their father disappeared in a dungeon and their mother fell ill. I’m curious to see how the dynamics will change when the three of them are back together. But will Jinwoo find out about what happened to his father? I can only keep my fingers crossed that we’ll find out soon.

The preview of Volume 7 at the end of Volume 6 shows us that Jinwoo will get involved with the Jeju Island raid. I’m not sure how or why yet, but maybe he’ll use the new skills and tools he acquired in the demon’s castle. He’s already been using the shadow exchange skill since he got it, so I guess we’ll see him using it a lot throughout the series. After all, it’s quite useful. As the name says, it lets Jinwoo exchanges his place with a shadow soldier, wherever it is.

Also, who like me almost screamed when Jinwoo met and fought with the Japanese team? His fame and power are increasing, and all hunters should be aware of it—including the national-level hunters. The strongest of all the other hunters, even above S-class. Will Jinwoo get the chance to meet them and fight against and alongside them?

Solo Leveling Volume 6 was released in March 2023. Written by Chugging, adapted by h-goon and illustrated by DUBU. The manhwa is brought into the English language by Ize Press with a translation from Hye Young Im.

Our review copy from Ize Press was supplied by Diamond Book Distributors UK.

9 / 10


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