Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun Volumes 6 and 7 Review

After being promoted to rank Gimel during the Battler Party showcase, Iruma finds out that his Gluttonous Feeder Ring can manifest as an entity outside the ring. The being Alikred, or Ali for short, cannot remember much about his time in the ring, and Iruma is the only one who knows about his existence. No one else believes that a ring can manifest itself into a being that can talk! Now Iruma needs to figure out who or what Ali really is, but before he can do so, he has another big problem to deal with…

In fact, student council president Ameri bumps into Iruma when he’s practicing magic under the guidance of Ali, and he finds himself in a dress as a dem-dol (or idol). Of course mayhem ensues. While trying to clear up the misunderstanding, Iruma ends up temporarily joining the student council and working alongside Ameri. When another student decides to mess with her and change her personality, Iruma engages the help of his trusty friends, Clara and Alice, to find the culprit.

But once this problem is dealt with, another person gets his personality switched… Iruma himself! To try and help him understand what Ameri went through, Ali decides to hypnotise Iruma and make him go through what the demons call an evil phase. His new personality is evil and cool, and this new Iruma brings forth the mighty power of the Misfit Class when he makes a deal with his teacher Kalego Sensei. If Iruma wins, the misfit class will move classroom to the Royal One—the classroom that the Demon King used!

Now the next challenge for the Misfit Class is to pass their mid-terms exams.

As usual Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is full of comedy that brings laughter to its readers. As the only human in a demon school, Iruma’s goal to live a quiet life away from the spotlight always makes him the centre of attention. No matter how hard he tries, everyone always ends up knowing his name—for good or for worse.

While in previous volumes parts of the narrative could be considered side stories as they didn’t add to the main narration, both Volumes 6 and 7 move the plot forward a lot. Iruma now has to deal with the consequences of being a rank Gimel. Ali can become his strongest ally or his enemy… who knows what this creature really is? Ali doesn’t seem to have negative feelings toward Iruma, but Iruma’s climb through the demon ranks affects Ali. And the re-opening of the Royal One classroom is sure to bring more mayhem into the life of the only human living in the Demon World.

Volume 7 was fun to read as we get to see a different Iruma. While he keeps his inability to say no and willingness to help others, this ‘evil’ Iruma is more confident and knows what he wants. And he’s certainly not happy being a doormat—he won’t let the other students disrespect the misfit class anymore. I’m glad though that this new personality is not set to last forever. The naive and sweet Iruma is the trigger for all the hilarious situations he and his friends find themselves in.

Through his experiences at Babyls, Iruma is growing. Although a human, he’s getting used to life in the Demon World and as a pretend-demon student. He’s climbing the demon ranks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he reached the top. It’s still far away, but I wonder if reaching the top will become Iruma’s ambition.

In both volumes, we also get introduced to a few more characters. It doesn’t seem like they will have a main role in the story, but they are sure to cause chaos.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun is written and illustrated by Osamu Nishi. It’s been adapted into an anime, with the first three seasons available on Crunchyroll. The manga is published in the English edition with a translation by Jacqueline Fung by Vertical (Kodansha). Volume 8 is out in June 2024.

Our review copies from Vertical Comics were supplied by Turnaround Publisher Services.

8 / 10


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