Win Wolf Children on DVD!


Part slice-of-life drama about the joys and tribulations of single mother Hana raising her half-wolf kids, part rite-of-passage movie about finding your place in the world, Wolf Children is…

• 24th December 2013

Win Deadman Wonderland on Blu-ray!

There’s carnage in the classroom and Ganta gets the blame. Found guilty of multiple murders, the middle schooler is shipped off to Deadman Wonderland, a brutal prison where the inmates…

• 6th September 2013

Win Space Battleship Yamato on DVD!

An epic space odyssey takes to the stars in Space Battleship Yamato, the most expensive film ever made in Japan. With an out of this world budget, this intergalactic blockbuster takes viewers …

• 17th August 2013

Win Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: Will of Fire

Naruto is back, with more action-packed chakra-charged duels than ever before! As the fate of the ninja world hangs in the balance, Naruto is set to face his most formidable opponent yet, but there…

• 12th August 2013

Win Steins;Gate Part 1 on Blu-ray!

Rintaro ‘Okarin’ Okabe is a self-proclaimed mad scientist. He’s just made his microwave into a time machine. He’s sending text messages to the past. He is in so much…

• 15th July 2013

A letter to Momo in UK cinemas

Anime Limited just announced the upcoming UK theatrical release A Letter to Momo. A Letter to Momo follows the adventures of Momo, an 11 year old girl whose entire world has been ricked by the untimely…

• 5th June 2013