Anime Review

Solty Rei

In a futuristic city, a barrier of multi-coloured light know as the ‘aurora shell’ hangs constantly overhead. Twelve years ago in this city, a terrible disaster known as the ‘blast fall’ left …

• 4th January 2011
Anime Review

Ghost in the Shell

In New Port city everything, it seems, is connected. Information, like consumer technology, is everywhere. Almost everybody enjoys a certain level of cybernetic enhancement. Citizens sport…

• 8th November 2010
Anime Review

Gunparade March

In an alternate history, in 1945, strange alien creatures known as the Genjyu appear in the skies above Earth. Leaving a trail of poison and destruction wherever they roam, these creatures decimate…

• 11th September 2010
Anime Review

Aquarion Volume 4

So here we are at the end of line, as the war between humanity and their enemies, the Shadow Angels, heads toward its conclusion! But before the final battle in the Shadow Angels’ realm of Atlandia,…

• 17th August 2010
Anime Review

Appleseed EX Machina

Beginning in 1985 as a graphic novel and continuing sporadically thereafter, Masamune Shirow’s tales of urban combat and political unrest in a hi-tech utopia have persisted in the affections…

• 27th July 2010
Anime Review

Baldr Force EXE

BALDR Force EXE is one of those peculiar beasts. Based on the plot of a Japanese video game series, you’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes and swiftly moving on, but there’s a good deal more to this…

• 6th July 2010
Anime Review

Aquarion Volume 3

 When a show has such heavyweight talents behind it as those named in Aquarion’s opening credits, you can’t help but have high expectations for it.

Let’s get this thing straight from the word go:…

• 17th June 2010
Anime Review

Disgaea Volume 3

This being the final volume of Disgaea, we follow Laharl, the show’s cutesy-but-seriously-bad-tempered protagonist, as he seeks to first protect his home the Netherworld, and then dominate…

• 25th May 2010