17th July UK anime releases

It’s an ADV dominated week for the UK anime market, with Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! drawing to a close, and continuing volumes for three other series due out today.17 July 2006Full Metal…

• 17th July 2006

10th July UK anime releases

July’s anime DVD releases finally get underway this week, with six more titles from Beez and MVM’s catalogues due out today. 10 July 2006Crest of the Stars #3 (Beez)Gantz #5 (MVM)Gungrave…

• 10th July 2006
Anime Review

D.N.Angel Volume 5

The summer school trip is here, and for Daisuke and his friends, that means they get to spend a pleasant few days on a tropical island. Whilst there, Daisuke comes to realise that Risa is no longer…

• 8th July 2006

26th June UK anime releases

Just four DVDs are due to be released in the UK today, including a new series from Manga in the form of Otogi Zoshi.26 June 2006Full Metal Alchemist #7 (MVM)Otogi Zoshi #1 (Manga)Patlabor The Movie…

• 26th June 2006
Anime Review

Burst Angel Volume 3

With my expectations for Burst Angel having been firmly toned down by the first eight episodes, I settled down to watch this third instalment with the determination not to take it too seriously.…

• 22nd June 2006

19th June UK anime releases

After a quiet month, the UK anime is finally back up to speed this week, with releases covering the latest instalment from a number of series from ADV and MVM, along with the final volume of Project…

• 19th June 2006
Anime Review

Otogi Zoshi Volume 1

The year is 972 AD, and Japan is in the midst of the Heian era. The emperor is ill, corruption is rife, samurai are powerful and the common people are suffering from famine, poverty and disease. Concerned…

• 18th June 2006
Anime Review

Samurai 7 Volume 3

Given that the first two volumes of Samurai 7 were average but mildly entertaining, I was expecting much the same from the third instalment in the series. Unfortunately, these four episodes proved…

• 18th June 2006

12th June UK anime releases

The UK anime market continues at a slow pace, with just one more DVD set to hit shelves today in the form of the first volume of .hack//Legend of the Twilight.12 June 2006.hack//Legend of the Twilight…

• 12th June 2006
Anime Review

Gunslinger Girl Volume 2

With the first volume of Gunslinger Girl making a strong first impression, it remained to be seen whether the series could go on to maintain the high standard it had set for itself. Fortunately,…

• 9th June 2006
Anime Review

Spirit Of Wonder

Spirit of WonderSet in 1950’s England, Spirit of Wonder is a five-part OVA that follows on from the earlier film “Miss China’s Ring”. Fortunately, although it is referenced…

• 7th June 2006
Anime Review

Parasite Dolls

Despite its flaws, I’ve always considered myself something of a fan of Bubblegum Crisis, and so it was with cautious optimism that I approached Parasite Dolls, the franchise’s …

• 6th June 2006

5th June UK anime releases

It’s another slow week for UK anime releases with just one more release hitting our shores today in the form of Gunslinger Girl #2 from MVM.5 June 2006Gunslinger Girl #2 (MVM)To keep an eye…

• 5th June 2006
Anime Review

My Neighbour Totoro

Set in the 1950’s, My Neighbour Totoro follows the day-to-day adventures of Tatsuo Kusakabe and his two young daughters, Mei and Satsuki, as they move into an old house in the country. Whilst…

• 1st June 2006

29th May UK anime releases

It’s a sparse week for anime releases, with just the one DVD due out today in the form of the seventh and final instalment of Wolf’s Rain.29 May 2006Wolf’s Rain #7 (Beez)To keep…

• 29th May 2006

22nd May UK anime releases

Just two anime DVDs are due out today; the fourth volume of Gantz and the final instalment of Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent, both courtesy of MVM.22 May 2006 Gantz #4 (MVM) Paranoia Agent …

• 22nd May 2006
Anime Review

D.N.Angel Volume 4

It’s been a bit of a hectic ride for poor Daisuke ever since he started transforming into the Phantom Thief Dark and stealing artefacts at his mother’s insistence. Still, given enough…

• 20th May 2006

15th May UK anime releases

Another batch of anime DVDs is set to hit the shelves this week, including the UK debuts of two more series in the form of Gilgamesh and She, The Ultimate Weapon (aka Saikano).

All of this week’s…

• 15th May 2006
Anime Review

Princess Mononoke

As one of the first Ghibli titles to reach these shores, Princess Mononoke will no doubt have already become a familiar sight on store shelves. Nonetheless, this repackaged version with more …

• 14th May 2006

8th May UK anime releases

The first batch of May anime DVD releases are available today, including a new series in the form of the action-packed Tenjho Tenge, and the long-awaited continuing volumes of Texhnolyze and …

• 8th May 2006