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London Film Festival 2015 Set to Screen Studio Ghibli and Mamoru Hosoda Films Tue, 1 Sep 2015

This years London Film Festival is set to take place from October 07th to the 18th and there 238 films from 57 countries screening in our nation’s capital over the course of 12 days. Amidst the glamorous live-action films are two anime titles that fans will want to see:

The Boy and the Beast is the latest film from Mamoru Hosoda, will be screened on Friday, October 16th at 18.15 at Cineworld Haymarket and Saturday, 17th at 15.15 at the Hackney Picturehouse. Tickets will be available to purchase on the festival page September 17th.

When Marnie Was There, the final film from Studio Ghibli will be screened on Saturday, October 10th at 14.30 at Cineworld Haymarket and then on Wednesday, October 14th at 18.15 at the BFI Southbank. Tickets will be available to purchase on the festival page on September 17.

Both of these films have been licensed for distribution by Studiocanal so expect a wider release and hoe distribution at some point.

Also screening at the festival is Our Little Sister, the latest film from Hirokazu Kore-eda (Still Walking, After Life). The film is based on Akimi Yoshida's manga which goes under the name Umimachi Diary. The film will be screened on Monday, October 12th at 18:30 at Curzon Chelsea Cinema and then on October 13th at the Curzon Soho Cinema at 20:45. Tickets wil be available to purchase on the festival page on September 17th.

This film has been picked up for distribution by Curzon Artificial Eye so expect a physical and possibly streaming release for this film.

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Studio Ghibli Films on Film4 this Week Mon, 31 Aug 2015

British television viewers have been spoiled this summer with Film4’s screening of Ghibli classics such as Spirited Away and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. This week, as the summer holiday winds down, two of Studio Ghibli’s best films, plus Tales from Earthsea, get aired:

Tuesday 01 September

4:20pm - Kiki's Delivery Service

A young witch opens her own courier company in this stunning animated tale from Japan's Hayao Miyazaki. (English language)


Wednesday 02nd September

4:45pm - Tales From Earthsea

Fantasy anime loosely adapted from the works of Ursula K LeGuin. The directing debut of Goro Miyazaki, son of the Ghibli master Hayao Miyazaki. (English language)


Thursday 03rd September

11am - Princess Mononoke

A young warrior prince gets involved in the conflict between magical beasts and ruthlessly progressive humans in this mature, complex, epic anime from Hayao Miyazaki. (English language)

Third Window Films Release A Snake of June Blu-ray on September 28th Fri, 28 Aug 2015

Third Window Films will release a Blu-ray edition of A Snake of June next month. The film is an award-winning psycho-sexual thriller from legendary director Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo: The Iron Man). Here are the details:


Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Tokyo Fist)

One of the most talked-about Japanese cult films of all time makes its way onto blu-ray for the first time EVER with a brand new high definition transfer supervised by Shinya Tsukamoto!

Japan / 2002 / 77 Mins / In Japanese with English subtitles / Colour

Starring: Asuka Kurosawa, Yuji Kohtari, Shinya Tsukamoto, Mansaku Fuwa, Tomorowo Taguchi, Susumu Terajima,

Out on Blu-Ray 

September 28th, 2015
Special Features
New high definition transfer of the 'blue' version restored from original negatives by Shinya Tsukamoto
Collectable case with slip-case cover
New interview with the Shinya Tsukamoto
New audio commentary by Tom Mes, author of 'Iron Man: The Cinema of Shinya Tsukamoto'
New UK Trailer


Rinko (Asuka Kurosawa from Cold Fish) and Shigehiko (novelist Yuji Kotari) are a strange couple, whose physical mismatch (she a lithe beauty, he an overweight, balding, obsessive-compulsive neurotic) is reflected in the complete lack of intimacy between them. They connect as human beings, but they live more like friends than as lovers and lead nearly independent lives. Both seem comfortable with this coexistence, but the desires that lurk beneath its surface are brought out with the introduction of a third element into the equation. When Rinko receives a package of candid photographs of herself in an embarrassing act and the sender (played by Tsukamoto himself) contacts her with the threat of exposing them to her husband, she submits herself to the anonymous voyeur's mind games. If she wishes to get hold of all the negatives and prints, Rinko is to comply with a set of assignments that place her constantly on the borderline between humiliation and pleasure - the voyeur knows exactly what Rinko's personal fantasies are and makes her act them out one by one. 
Venice Film Festival – WINNER – Kinematrix Film Award & San Marco Special Jury Award
SITGES – WINNER – Best Art Direction / NOMINATED – Best Film
Fantasporto Film Festival – WINNER Best Actress & Special Jury Award


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' UK Theatrical Release Details Thu, 27 Aug 2015

Earlier this week, Anime UK News was sent information regarding the theatrical release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ in the UK with just over a month to go before its launch. Here are the details:


Director: Tadayoshi Yamamuro

Writers: Akira Toriyama

Cast: Masako Nozawa, Ryô Horikawa, Hiromi Tsuru

Manga Entertainment are delighted to announce the theatrical release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, in cinemas on 30th September in the UK and Ireland. This hugely exciting follow up to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will allow fans to watch everyone’s favourite anime spectacular on the big screen.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is the second film to be personally supervised by the creator of the series, Akira Toriyama, and promises to feed the appetite of DBZ fans that are hungry for more.



The movie features the return of Frieza – widely hailed as one of the most iconic villains of all time. Even the complete obliteration of his physical form can’t stop the galaxy’s most evil overlord. After years in spiritual purgatory, Frieza has been resurrected and plans to take his revenge on the Z-Fighters of Earth. Facing off against Frieza’s powerful new form and his army of 1,000 soldiers are Goku and Vegeta who must reach new levels of strength in order to protect Earth from their vengeful nemesis.

The film will be shown in selected cinemas across the UK and Ireland for exclusive screenings only. At Showcase and Empire Cinemas, each ticket purchased will receive a free limited edition figurine (subject to numbers). For the trailer, participating cinemas and to book tickets visit

According to the film’s UK website (where you can follow links to purchase tickets), the following venues will be screening the film: 


Empire Basildon

Empire Birmingham

Empire Newcastle

Empire Poole

Empire Sunderland

Empire Swindon

Empire Wigan


Showcase Bluewater

Showcase Bristol CDL

Showcase Cardiff

Showcase Coventry

Showcase Derby CDL

Showcase Dudley

Showcase Glasgow

Showcase Leeds

Showcase Leicester CDL

Showcase Liverpool

Showcase Newham

Showcase Manchester

Showcase Nottingham

Showcase Paisley

Showcase Peterborough

Showcase Reading

Showcase Teesside

Showcase Walsall







SGC Dungarvan


This list of venues is expanding as more sites are added so keep an eye on the website if you have not seen your cinema named because it could be screening the film.

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Squid Girl Gear Included In Splatoon Update, De Geso! Thu, 6 Aug 2015

In the early hours of this morning, Nintendo released a long-awaited free update for their popular Wii U shooter Splatoon, adding in highly requested online features, new weapon types, gear and more. The Japanese Famitsu magazine revealed earlier this week that this update will include articles of inkling clothing from a previously announced collaboration with Masahiro Anbe's Squid Girl (Ika Musume) manga series, although international fans were left out of water in regards to whether they'd be able to wrap their tentacles around this inkredible promotion.

Although Nintendo of America confirmed last night that the hat, shirt and shoes from The Squid Girl brand will be available in that region, European owners of the game had to wait until this morning to discover that the three items have been added to the daily rotation of purchasable gear in Booyah Base. Each of the items have a two star rarity and cost between 1600-2000 coins.

Splatoon is available exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U. Manga Entertainment released the first season of The Squid Girl on DVD in the United Kingdom.


Win Naruto or One Piece in our competitions! Mon, 3 Aug 2015

Check our competition pages for a chance to win a copy of Naruto Shippuden Box Set 21 or a copy of One Piece Collection 11!
New Anime Releases - 02/08/2015 Sun, 2 Aug 2015
Tecmo Koei Releasing Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend In 2016 Thu, 30 Jul 2015

The popularity of Yoshiki Tanaka's famous The Heroic Legend of Arslan fantasy novel series has seen the exploits of the Pars crown prince retold over the years through a variety of different manga and anime series, such as the currently airing television anime of the same name - itself borrowing from a manga adaptation by the renowned Fullmetal Alchemist creator Hiromu Arakawa.

The video game developer Koei Tecmo Games will be bringing the experience gained with their iconic Warriors ("Musou") games to the franchise with Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend, a brand new hack-and-slash game that today, has been confirmed to be coming to Europe early next year on Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms, as well as Microsoft's XBox One console. The game is currently set to launch in Japan this October on the aforementioned Sony platforms. You can watch the official announcement trailer below:

Liden Films' currently airing television anime adaptation is currently being simulcast by the Viewster video streaming service and has been licensed in the United Kingdom by Anime Limited.

New Anime Releases - 26/07/2015 Sun, 26 Jul 2015
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Anime Limited Licenses Ping Pong The Animation Fri, 24 Jul 2015

MCM Manchester Comic Con is just around the corner, but the Glasgow-based distributor Anime Limited has already decided to spill the beans on one new license announcement - Tatsunoko Production's Ping Pong The Animation is coming to the United Kingdom! Based on Taiyo Matsumoto's coming-of-age sports manga, the eleven-episode series was originally broadcast on Japan's Fuji TV between April and June of last year.

Ping Pong The Animation will be released in the United Kingdom in October on both DVD and blu-ray formats and will include FUNimation's English dub alongside the original Japanese language track. On-disc extras will include episode commentaries, commercials, next episode previews and textless songs. The distributor's president, Andrew Partridge, had this to say about the acquisition:

Ping Pong is a title I’ve had my eyes on for a quite for a while. It’s unique animation style coupled with the quality of story telling and the actual playing of Table Tennis itself, keeping in mind I’m really not that well versed in the sport at all, makes this show something that everyone should really go out of their way to see. I’m delighted we’ve been able to add this to our ever-expanding catalogue.

You can watch the official trailer used for Madman Entertainment's Australian release below:

Additionally, Anime Limited also confirmed that their highly anticipated home video release of the superhero comedy-drama Samurai Flamenco will be beginning this November, with the first half of the series being slated for a blu-ray release. Originally premiering in October 2013, the twenty-two episode series follows the male model Masayoshi Hazama as he tries to fulfill his dream of being a costumed superhero and what happens when he crosses paths and encounter some rather unusual phenomena.

The second of Sword Art Online II's four planned volumes has also been confirmed to be released on DVD and Collector's Edition Blu-ray in October, with Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress joining Samurai Flamenco Part 1 in November as a Collector's Edition Blu-ray/DVD combi-pack.

Will you be buying any of these upcoming releases?


World Trigger given a second series Wed, 22 Jul 2015

Shonen Jump's sci-fi anime World Trigger is to be given a second series, which will feature an original plot not in the manga.

At the "World Trigger Summer Festival 2015" it was revealed that the new series has been entitled Fugitives from Another World, and will include features and characters not found in the manga by Daisuke Ashihara. No other information has been revealed, with even the voice actors unaware of the new details.

The series is set in Mikado City, which is under attack from beings from another world called "Neighbours". It revolves around a group called "Border" who try to fight against the attacks, with the two main characters being Osamu Mikumo, a guy with no natural talent at stopping the enemy, and Yuma Kuga, a friendly Neighbour.

The anime, currently made by Toei Animation, began last October and was scheduled to last 50 episodes. Currently streaming on Crunchyroll, the anime adaptation of the manga has come under fire from many reviewers for the poor quality of the animation.

News source

Anime UK News review of original series

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movies, Knights of Sidonia Delayed Tue, 21 Jul 2015

At the MCM London Comic Con back in May, Manga Entertainment UK announced plans to release Aniplex and SHAFT's highly anticipated theatrical feature film pair Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie #1: Beginnings and #2: Eternal in the United Kingdom. Originally scheduled to be available on DVD and blu-ray from 10th August, the distributor has announced today that a wait on licensor approvals has resulted in a revised release date of 7th September 2015.

Released theatrically in Japan in 2012, the movies reunites director Akiyuki Shinbo (Monogatari series) and writer Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero) to retell the story of the critically acclaimed television anime series with all new animation, voice recordings and an original soundtrack composed by Yuki Kajiura (Fate/ZeroSword Art Online). Manga Entertainment have yet to confirm whether this delay will impact their planned release of the 2013 original sequel, Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie #3: Rebellion, which is currently scheduled to be released on 28th September 2015.

Manga Entertainment aren't the only distributor to be affected by the wait for licensor approvals, as Animatsu Entertainment confirmed today that their planned DVD and blu-ray release of Netflix and Polygon Studios' mecha anime Knights of Sidonia has had its original 17th August release date moved to 7th September as well.

Will you be picking up either of these releases?


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