Tenchi Muyo! OVAs 2

I’m finally able to respect all the fuss surrounding Tenchi Muyo! I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m finally getting used to the crazy cast of characters or if these episodes are just plain better– but this volume (containing episodes 6-9) is a really humorous, fun watch.

The story kicks off half way through the battle against Kagato– a strangely dramatic episode for Tenchi. People get hurt and emotions come to the fore here. Suffice to say (without spoiling the inner details of the episode) things turn out okay for our heroes and before we know it, Tenchi and the gang are back at home, getting into mischief again.

This is where Tenchi Muyo! really starts to shine, as the characters start vying with each other for the affection of Tenchi and this often leads to some really amusing situations.

Ryoko and Ayeka, the 2 girls most likely to ensnare Tenchi, are really likable in their own pigheaded ways and seem work extremely well together as a comedic duo; with one constantly trying to better the other.

This volume also sees the introduction of a new character called Washu; Ryoko’s ancient ‘mother’. Unsurprisingly, she also takes a liking to Tenchi, and this serves only to upset the other girls even more.

My problem with Tenchi Muyo! #1 was that I couldn’t work out what it wanted to be; a comedy, action or romance series. This time, I found the balance between drama and comedy is much better and therefore, the story seems both enjoyable and just more involving.

It’s the zany (almost insane) characters that make the comedy so funny, and in these episodes, it seems like most of the cast in “Tenchi’ get their own little moments to shine.
It was really fun seeing what Ryoko, Ayeka, Washu (and even Mihoshi) would get up to next and it’s a testament to this series that each of them are so likable  (I really don’t want to see any of the girls end up with their hearts’ broken– it just wouldn’t be fair, dammit).

The story/plot itself seems rather aimless at the moment, focussing on the everyday (and frankly bizarre) happenings in the Tenchi household. I literally have no idea what could possibly happen next, but I’m in no doubt it’s going to be some really fun stuff!

In summary

After my rather harsh review of the first volume of Tenchi Muyo!, I’ve found myself really starting to warm to the characters now.
It’s funny, random stuff littered with the type of crazy situations that have no doubt made Tenchi Muyo! so popular. Really recommended to fans of the more comedy-based anime.

8 / 10


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