Optimum Asia acquire Jin-Roh and Bravestory for UK DVD rel.

Via a press release, Optimum Releasing (a.k.a Optimum Asia) have announced that they have acquired two new anime movies for UK DVD release on 3rd September; Jin-Roh and Bravestory. More information (copied from the press release) included below:


JIN-RO – The multi-award winning Jin-Roh was created by the prestigious anime studio Production IG,­ the team that produced Ghost In The Shell, GITS Stand Alone Complex, Patlabor and the animated sequence in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. A UK premiere.
Extras: Trailers, Director/creator interviews, Cast Interviews, Production art gallery TBC

BRAVE STORY – Brave Story is directed by Koichi Chigira of Full Metal Panic, and produced by Gonzo, the studio responsible for such high profile anime as Samurai 7, Hellsing and Gantz. A UK premiere.
Extras: TBC: 85′ of extra features TBC