Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Volume 10

On the back of this volume are written the words “Time Will Tell” and it is a very fitting phrase for this manga. Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE follows the adventures of four friends (Syaoran, Princess Sakura, Fai, and Kurogane) as they travel through time and space in search of Sakura’s memories, manifesting as feathers.  The consequences of time travel are an important theme in this volume, hence the “Time Will Tell” phrase.  This is the 10th volume of the CLAMP-drawn series.

And because this is the 10th volume, some knowledge of the preceding 9 volumes is required.  In fact, the first few chapters will make no sense to anyone who hasn’t already ready volume 9.  For those fans that have read volume 9, the first chapters provide a fitting conclusion to the ‘Shura’ arc.  Next our heroes find themselves back in Shara of volume 8, and not surprisingly, discover that Shura and Shara have more in common than suspiciously similar names.  It’s here that the consequences of time travel are discussed and it is a burden that weighs heavily on young Syaoran’s shoulders.  I liked this section very much, and I like seeing a different side to the normally-upbeat characters.

The latter half of the volume moves into Piffle World, which according to the excellent Translation Notes, might be familiar to big fans of CLAMP.  In this futuristic world, the gang discovers that the feather is a prize in a ‘Dragonfly’ craft race.  Naturally, all 4 of the gang enter the race.  And so what follows are some exciting race sequences, which are perhaps a little cliché, but they are sure to entertain Tsubasa fans.

In conclusion, this is a fairly typical Tsubasa volume.  It shifts quickly from one story arc to the next, so it never gets stale.  There are many light hearted touches, but also there are increasing hints at a darker plot.  Tsubasa is a good manga and overall, this is a decent outing.

7 / 10