Beez celebrates with fans at London Expo!

Andrew from Beez sent us this press release:

Beez Entertainment is proud to celebrate our upcoming shift to a new release model of 3 part releases for series instead of individual DVDs with fans at London Expo in May. For a limited time only we will be clearing out as much old stock as we can over the weekend. So we’re inviting fans to join in for some amazing offers that make many of your favourite anime series affordable during the recession!

We’re going to be selling the following single DVDs for the low price of £5 a volume at the event (with special deals on top of that!):

  •   .hack//SIGN
  •   .hack//Legend of the Twilight
  •   Crest of the Stars
  •   Eureka Seven
  •   Fantastic Children
  •   Gundam Seed
  •   Gundam Seed Destiny
  •   Gundam Movies 1-3
  •   Gundam F91, 0083 etc
  •   My Hime
  •   Panda-Z
  •   Patlabor the Movie
  •   Patlabor 2 the Movie
  •   Planetes
  •   s-CRY-ed
  •   Stratos 4
  •   Witch Hunter Robin
  •   Yukikaze

All other single DVDs will be £10 maximum, expect boxsets to be at prices as low as 1 for £15 and 2 for £25 as well. If you ever wanted Beez products at through the floor prices here’s your chance!

We’re not just clearing old stuff out. All going well in the world of cross-channel shipping we’ll also have Volume 1 of Gurren Lagann both in regular and limited editions at the event fresh off the production line! We have 250 A3 Gurren Lagann posters to give away to people making purchases of over £30 or who buy Gurren Lagann Volume 1 at London Expo, so best come early…

There will also be new title announcements as well as details about our forthcoming releases such as Gundam 00, Gurren Lagann and Sword of the Stranger too, so watch this space.