Vampire Knight Guilty Volume 2

(Warning: this review is not guaranteed spoiler-free!)

A rose that only blooms only once every ten years…

Kaname’s gift to Yuki stirs a forgotten memory and makes her more determined than ever to confront the Pureblood vampire to ask him what he knows about her past. But the nightmares begin in earnest and her days are tormented by visions of blood-splattered walls.

Meanwhile, an unexpected new student joins the Day Class: Ichiru, Zero’s twin, who instantly proves more popular with his classmates than his surly-tempered brother. Headmaster Kaien Cross, aware of the hatred seething between the two, has already asked Zero if he is willing for his brother to enter the Academy – and Zero, surprisingly, agrees.

But when Senri returns, the malevolent aura he exudes instantly alerts all his vampire classmates to the fact that another, more powerful vampire, has taken possession of his body to infiltrate the Academy.

Now all the three plot strands of Vampire Knight Guilty are in play, as Kaname prepares to confront his nemesis from ten years ago. The mystery surrounding the Kiryu brothers, the ‘cursed twins,’ will soon be revealed. And, as the shadows gather, Kaname awakens Yuki’s sealed memories at last and, with them, her true identity. 

These three episodes (5-7) are packed with incident and dark revelations, as events move toward a confrontation that will change the main protagonists’ lives forever. Lovers of gothic romance will be more than satisfied with a vampiric ‘awakening’ scene loaded with sexual tension.

Vic Mignogna as both Kiryu brothers is still the most convincing of the US voice actors; Vic apart, I still feel that the Japanese cast bring more range and subtlety to their roles, even if the subtitled script is a little stilted at times.

In Summary
If you’re in the mood for a dark, moody, Gothic romance. Vampire Knight Guilty will satisfy your cravings. Just don’t look for any extras on these discs!

7 / 10


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