Sankarea Trailer

The official website for Sankarea is now streaming a trailer for the anime.


Chihiro Furuya is a high school boy with an obsession. That obsession is zombies. He collects anything connected to the living dead be it movies, games, and figures. He’s also only interested in zombie girls. Through some unexpected circumstances, Chihiro gets acquainted with a pretty girl named Rea Sanka who is the idol of a nearby all girl’s school. When his cat Baabu dies, Chihiro and Rea use an ancient book of the occult to raise it from the dead. What Chihiro does not know is that Rea wants to leave her responsibilities behind and wishes to die and be reborn as a different type of person….a zombie.

Series composition is handled by Noboru Takagi who has worked in AUKN favourites Baccano! And Durarara!! Kyuuta Sakai (When They Cry) is handling character design while nano.RIPE are handling the theme song which can be heard in the trailer. Studio Deen (Fate/stay night) is animating.

The anime will premiere in Japan today.

Staff: Mitsuru Hattori (Original Creator), Kyuuta Sakai (Character Design), Noboru Takagi (Series Composition), Annabel (Theme Song), nano.RIPE (Theme Song), Yukari Hashimoto (Music)

Voice Actors: Ryohei Kimura, Maaya Uchida, Sayuri Yahagi, Misato Fukuen

Studio: Studio Deen, Lantis

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