Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Trailer

The Japanese film distributor Shochiku has released a two-minute trailer to promote the second of seven Space Battleship Yamato 2199 films.

The role of director is taken up by Yutaka Izubuchi who is a veteran designer in the anime industry having worked on anime like RahXephon, Patlabor and early entries in the Yamato franchise. Akihiro Enomoto (Mobile Suit Gundam 00) is acting as chief director and Nobuteru Yuki (Escaflowne) acting as character designer and animation director. The movie covers episodes 3-6 of the 26 episode TV series and will get a limited Japanese theatrical release (10 screens) on the 30th of June followed by a BR/DVD release in July 30. Then the 26 episode TV series will air on Japanese TV next year.

Staff: Yutaka Izubuchi (Director), Akihiro Enomoto (Chief Director), Ryusuke Hikawa (Script), Yutaka Izubuchi (Series Composition), Leiji Matsumoto, Yoshinobu Nishizaki (Original Creator), Nobuteru Yuki (Character Design/Chief Animation Director), Yusuke Takeda, Goki Nakamura (Art Director), Susumu Hirasawa (Theme Song), Shiro Sagisu (Music)

Voice Actors: Daisuke Ono (Susumu Kodai), Yuko Kuwashima (Yuki Mori), Shinichi Suzumura (Daisuke Shima), Takayuki Sugo (Jūzō Okita),




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