Anime Limited Licenses Wings of Honneamise

Last week, the UK distributor Anime Limited announced that they would be teasing us a bit by announcing two of their new license acquisitions prior to this weekend’s London MCM Comic Con and the first of those new licenses have been announced!

Produced by Studio Gainax of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame and directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga (Maharomatic), the first announcement is the 1987 theatrical sci-fi feature Wings of Honneamise, which is due out in the United Kingdom on DVD and blu-ray for the first time this November in both standard and limited edition combi-packs!

Anime Limited’s official synopsis is as follows:

Set in a world eerily similar to our own, war between the Kingdom of Honneamise and its archrival, The Republic, seems inevitable. But even as the two nations’ rapidly evolving technology creates new ways to wage greater and more deadly forms of warfare, a small group seeks to use those same advances to propel mankind forward into the future and into space in their world’s first manned spaceflight program.

Andrew Partridge, El Presidente of Anime Limited, had this to say about the acquisition:

Wings of Honneamise is a film that every anime fan should see – it’s really the start of Gainax.   Before Gunbuster, Nadia, Evangelion or Gurren Lagann – the studio was pushing the envelope with Science Fiction!  Honneamise is a personal favourite so I’m really excited to be able to give it the Anime Limited treatment this year.”

Josh A. Stevens

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