Anime Limited Reveal New Gurren Lagann Ultimate Edition Details

Your release is the release that will pierce the heavens!

For a while now, Anime Limited, the aptly named anime distributor, has been preparing what they call the “Ultimate Edition” of Gainax’s cult hit Gurren Lagann. Their planned release is one of the most ambitious the UK market has ever seen, which has unfortunately caused it to see its set backs in the past. However, in a new blog post on their website, Anime Limited have now secured a final release date of 29th September, 2014.

Anime Limited explains that the reason for the shift from the original 1st September date is due to them only receiving the final approval of the art book last week, which will need at least five weeks to get ready for the release. To make up for that though, the distributor is working harder to improve the quality of the project. The art-book’s dimensions are now 18.1cm x 21cm as opposed to the originally planned A5 and has been given an additional 6 pages, making the final page count 116 pages. As a result of quality checking from fans, the bit-rate of the TV series episodes has also been increased to 30MBPs (if any of the readers can explain what that means in the forum’s discussion thread, that’ll be great). The art box will now also be large enough to fit the art book inside, allowing you to keep everything in a neat package.

When Gurren Lagann‘s Ultimate Edition is released in September, it will include all 27 episodes of the television anime series, as well as the movies Childhood’s End and The Lights in the Sky Are Stars, as well as the Gurren Lagann Parallel Works music videos. You can find a full break down of their release here

The release has an SRP of £149.99, but it can be found for considerably cheaper at the usual online outlets.

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