Longer Sword Art Online II Trailer Streamed

Next Saturday, A-1 Pictures’ and Aniplex’s highly anticipated television anime sequel series Sword Art Online II is finally set to begin its broadcast, which will be accompanied by a worldwide simulcast on Crunchyroll. Today, the franchise’s official website uploaded a brand new, minute long trailer that gives us a closer look at Sinon, who will be aiding Kirito in his journey to track down those behind the mysterious “Death Gun” incidents in the “Gun Gale Online” MMORPG.

Sinon is deathly afraid of guns – to the point where just someone motioning with their hands like one is enough to giver her panic attacks. However, she believes that by becoming stronger within the game with her Hecate II rifle, she might be able to become stronger too.

Sword Art Online II will be streamed by Crunchyroll as it is. Manga Entertainment UK released the first series on DVD and Blu-Ray.


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