Anime Limited Reveal Q4 Slate

For a while now, one of the big questions has been “What titles will Anime Limited release before the year is over?”. While we’ve seen a stream of releases throughout the year, the last quarter has been shrouded in mystery. Today however, Anime Limited have finally confirmed their tentative Q4 slate – there’s one title to still be confirmed and another to even be announced, but even without them it includes highly anticipated releases such as Gurren Lagann and Space Dandy! The full list is as follows:

October 2014:

Blood Lad – This series will be released as both a DVD and a blu-ray collectors edition. The release will include the OVA, with the blu-ray collector’s edition also coming in rigid packaging and containing a 96-page booklet. The RRP of the DVD release is £34.99, while the blu-ray is priced at £49.99.

HAL – This 2013 science fiction film will be available as a DVD/blu-ray combi-pack which will be in ridgid collector’s packaging and include a 20-page booklet.

Patema Inverted – After a limited theatrical run earlier this year, Anime Limited will be releasing the movie as a regular barebones combi-pack (which has an RRP of £24.99) and a collector’s edition (£34.99). Extremely limited quanitites of the Ultimate Edition will be available exclusively on All The Anime’s store and Amazon for £84.99.


Space Dandy – The first season of Shinichiro Watanabe’s latest space-set series will be available both on DVD and blu-ray exclusively as collector’s editions that will include a 116 page art booklet. The DVD set has an RRP of £49.99, while the blu-ray’s price has been set at £69.99.

Wings of Honneamise – This classic animated movie will be available as a standalone DVD for £17.99, as well as a £34.99 combi-pack collector’s edition that contains a 20 page booklet and other extras that will be announced in the future. 


Kill la Kill Volume 1 (TENTATIVE) – Although confirmation is still pending from Aniplex, Anime Limited is hoping to have the first volume of Studio Trigger’s adrenaline-fueled anime released by the end of the year, 

Mystery Film – No, that isn’t the title. It’s a license that Anime Limited have yet to announce. Subtitled and dubbed theatrical showings for this mystery film will take place in October November before a £19.99 DVD release and a £34.99 collector’s edition combi-pack will be released in December.

Of course, this list is subject to change at any time (and Andrew even teased that there might be additions to the schedule) and if there are any, you’ll be able to read about them here as and when they happen!


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