Anime Limited’s Q2 2015 Slate Revealed!

It was only a week ago when Anime Limited revealed the release dates currently filling up their schedule for 2015’s first quarter, which included the likes of Blood Lad and Wings of Honneamise but the distributor has now went the extra mile to confirm what releases they have planned between April and June; giving us a more complete look at what new anime we’ll have to look forward to in the first half of 2015.


  • 13th: HAL (Standard Edition DVD, Blu-ray).
  • 27th: Tiger & Bunny: The Rising (Collector’s Edition, DVD + Blu-ray combi-pak)


  • 25th: Kill la Kill Part 3 (Collector’s Edition DVD, Blu-ray).
  • 25th: Nerima Daikon Brothers (DVD).


  • 8th: Baccano Complete Series(Collector’s Edition Blu-ray). [Tentative].
  • 29th: Space Dandy Season 2 (Collector’s Edition DVD, Blu-ray. Standard Edition Blu-ray).
  • 29th: Space Dandy Complete Season 1 & 2 (DVD).
  • 29th: Gankatsuou – The Count of Monte Cristo (DVD, Blu-ray). [Tentative].

What releases are you looking forward to?


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