Teaser For 2015’s “Ghost In The Shell” Released

While a lot of attention may currently be placed on DreamWorks’ plans for a Scarlett Johansson-led live-action adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s iconic Ghost in the Shell cyberpunk manga, the work’s native country are working on their own project. To celebrate twenty five years of the franchise, Production I.G. will be releasing a brand new Ghost in the Shell animated theatrical feature this summer and today, they have unveiled the first teaser trailer and key visual art:

The majority of staff working on the project previously worked on the Ghost in the Shell: Arise OVA series, with the most notable exception being the director Kazuya Nomura (Robotic;Notes). The director of Arise however, will be serving as Chief Director for the project. Other returning talent include character designer Kazuchika Kise, scenario writer Tow Ubakata (Mardock Scramble), composer Cornelius and the series’ cast, which is led by Maaya Sakamoto as Motoko Kusanagi.

You can watch the teaser trailer below:


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