Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie has been released on the GiTS channel and shows some of the action that audiences will see when the film is released in June.


The story takes place in 2029 and involves Motoko Kusanagi, Batou, Togusa and the rest of Section 9 investigating the assassination of the prime minister and it looks like someone from Kusanagi’s past may be involved.

Kazuchika Kise, director and character designer on the Ghost in the Shell Arise OAV series is back for the movie continuing to put a fresh spin on the original story GiTS story and Kusanagi’s background. He is working with this feature co-directed with Kazuyna Nomura (Robotics;Notes). The film plays at this year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival.



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