Introduction to Weiss Schwarz Part 2 – Booster boxes

Last year I did an introduction to the card game Weiss Schwarz in which I talked about the rules and mechanics of the game If you missed it, here is a link to the article:

Since then we’ve had a flurry of releases including Kill La Kill, Persona 4 and Fairy Tail, bringing us a variety of titles that you can build a card deck out of. In this article, I will be talking about the booster boxes and what they contain.

What is in a booster box?

To explain this, I recently purchased the new booster box on Nisekoi. I decided to record myself un-boxing it, and here is the video:

In a box you normally expect around 20 packs which includes a Promotional Rare (PR). Most of the time you only receive one PR, but in some sets, like Love Live, you get three due to the large cast of main characters.

Booster boxes also come with a playmat and a rule sheet, so it’s an alright buy for newcomers to the card game.

What are the benefits of buying a booster box?

First let’s explain what is in a booster pack: you get eight card’s, five are common’s (C), one is uncommon (U), one is rare (R) and the last one is a climax card with two different tags – either a climax common (CC) or a climax rare (CR).

There are different kind of rares in Weiss Schwarz; you can get a normal rare (R), a double rare (RR) or a triple rare (RRR), also in one booster in every booster box holds a foil rare (SR) which are hard to come across, Also, as mentioned before, you can get a signed card if you are lucky enough, sadly it isn’t guaranteed in every single box but it’s pretty special moment when you get one.

Also there is the argument of cost; a normal booster pack at a shop is currently £4.50, however buying a 20 pack booster box online for £65 will reduce that to £3.25 a pack, so you will save you money.

What are the future English releases of Weiss Schwarz?

The titles to be released for half of this year were announced last month and contain the following:

  • Nisekoi: False Love – Out Now
  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd – Out Now
  • Sword Art Online II –  April 10, 2015
  • KanColle – May 2015
  • Love Live! School idol festival ver.E – June 19, 2015
  • Attack On Titan – TBA

Attack On Titan is the biggest eye-catcher here and I just wonder if this will be the breakout title for Weiss Schwarz; we will see later this year.

Any other changes?

One thing I would like to mention is that since Kill La Kill, the quality of the cards has become much better compared to past sets; they are less prone to damage and feel better overall.

Ok, I want to play, where do I start?

I have mentioned options in my introduction article; however if you are in the Leicestershire/Derbyshire area and you live near Burton-On-Trent, then I can teach you the game if you wish.