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Onimonogatari: DVD review

Onimonogatari is the fourth arc in Monogatari Second Season and is focused this time on Araragi’s blonde vampire companion. This arc is one of the shorter ones with only four episodes …

• 25th March 2015
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From all the fan-service shows I’ve watched as a reviewer, I’m considering Ben-To as one of the best ones I’ve seen and there are several reasons why. It might not be an instant classic, …

• 21st March 2015
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Naruto: Shippuuden Volume 19

Naruto, with Master Guy, Aoba and Yamato, is on his way to the Land Of Lightning under the orders of the Shinobi Alliance, although Naruto is unaware that he is being sent there to be hidden from…

• 5th February 2015
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Nekomonogatari White

The awaited Monogatari Season 2 is now upon us and to start us off is the continuation of Tsubasa Hanekawa story in Nekomonogatari White. This arc yet again shows what the series does best and is …

• 22nd December 2014
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Nekomonogatari Black

We head back into the past with the prequel to Bakemonogatari, the 4-episode OVA Nekomonogatari Black. Given the slight disappointment of Nisemonogatari, will this show deliver more of what…

• 18th December 2014
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Nisemonogatari : DVD Review

While I found the first half of Nisemonogartari entertaining, there were problems with a lack of character development for Araragi’s sister Karen during her own arc and the large amounts…

• 8th November 2014

Hyper Japan 2014

Even though I have been before, it’s been a long time since I last came to Hyper Japan. I haven’t been there since it changed its venue from the Olympia to Earls Court, so experiencing…

• 29th July 2014
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Nisemonogatari : DVD Review

“Just as you fill your heart through good deeds, I fill my bank account with evil ones” – Kaiki

The next chapter in the Monogatari franchise, Nisemonogatari, attempts to build on the clever…

• 11th May 2014
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Bakemonogatari: DVD Review

With the conclusion of the Suruga Monkey arc at the end of the Part 1 box set, we proceed into the last two arcs in Part 2 and the end of a well-made series – but do these couple of stories make …

• 3rd May 2014
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Appleseed XIII: DVD review

Appleseed is a manga that ran back in the 80s which spawned an OVA and some feature films. Both films came out in the UK but the franchise never got its own full length series. In comes Appleseed XIII,…

• 5th April 2014