Aldnoah.Zero and Durarara!! X2 Head To The UK This Year

Yesterday, Anime Limited confirmed at MCM London Comic Con that they will be releasing both Sword Art Online II and Fusé: Memoirs Of A Huntress in the United Kingdom later this year, but the license announcements have continued into the second day of the highly anticipated convention!

Anime Limited will be re-introducing the bizarre citizens of Ikebukuro to households in the United Kingdom later this year with a home video release of this year’s highly anticipated Durarara!! x2, which will be available on both DVD and blu-ray later this year, in both Japanese subtitled and English dubbed formats. The second half of the series is set to be broadcast in Japan from next month.

Residents of the United Kingdom will also find themselves caught up in the conflict between Earth and Mars’ Vers Empire later this year, as Anime Limited have also confirmed plans to release both seasons of Aniplex’s drama-driven mech series Aldnoah.Zero on DVD and blu-ray later this year, according to UK Anime.

Durarara!!, the first television anime series based on Ryoho Narita’s light novel series, is currently available in the United Kingdom courtesy of Anime Limited. Yen Press are currently publishing the original novels in English under their “Yen On” imprint. Both Aldnoah.Zero and Durarara!! x2 were simulcast by Crunchyroll as they aired.

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