MVM Entertainment Starting A School Idol Project This July!

MVM Entertainment will be embarking on an ambitious school idol project this summer, following confirmation this morning that they will be unleashing Sunrine’s phenomenally popular Love Live! School Idol Project comedy manga on the United Kingdom this summer. 

With a recommended retail price of £39.99, the first thirteen episode season will be released on 27th July 2015 as a Japanese-language, subtitle-only DVD collection. For those of you who wish to own the series in high definition however, MVM Entertainment will be releasing the series on blu-ray, with an English dub, next year.

The distributor had more than just Love Live to reveal at this weekend’s MCM London Comic Con however, as they also confirmed that the following anime titles will also be making their way to the United Kingdom.

Amnesia, Brain Base’s 2013 adaptation if Idea Factory’s PSP “otome” game, will be available from 6th July on both DVD and blu-ray, with recommended retail prices of £29.99 and £34.99, respectively.

While the Kill-T-Gang intends to drain mankind’s life force, MVM Entertainment won’t be draining your wallets with their release of Studio BONES’ Captain Earth later this year. The series will be released across two subtitle-only volumes starting on 13th July, before the second is released on 14th September. Captain Earth will be available on both DVD (£24.99 per volume) and blu-ray (£29.99 per volume).

MVM Entertainment will also be bringing Satelight’s romantic comedy adaptation Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Apocalypse to the United Kingdom across two volumes, that will be available on both DVD and blu-ray.The first will be released on 24th August, followed by the second on 19th October.

Last but certainly not least, is confirmation that MVM Entertainment will be following up on their critically acclaimed release of Fate/Zero by allowing Type-Moon fans to relieve the Fifth Holy Grail War with one of the company’s most well known stories, with a home video release of Aniplex and ufotable’s gorgeously stunning Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works television anime.

While exact release formats could not be confirmed at this time, MVM Entertainment has confirmed that they expect to release the series on both DVD and blu-ray later this year. This series notably adapts a different story “route” than Studio DEEN’s 2006 Fate/stay night, which was previously released by MVM Entertainment.

Are you looking forward to any of these upcoming releases?

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