World Trigger given a second series

Shonen Jump‘s sci-fi anime World Trigger is to be given a second series, which will feature an original plot not in the manga.

At the “World Trigger Summer Festival 2015″ it was revealed that the new series has been entitled Fugitives from Another World, and will include features and characters not found in the manga by Daisuke Ashihara. No other information has been revealed, with even the voice actors unaware of the new details.

The series is set in Mikado City, which is under attack from beings from another world called “Neighbours”. It revolves around a group called “Border” who try to fight against the attacks, with the two main characters being Osamu Mikumo, a guy with no natural talent at stopping the enemy, and Yuma Kuga, a friendly Neighbour.

The anime, currently made by Toei Animation, began last October and was scheduled to last 50 episodes. Currently streaming on Crunchyroll, the anime adaptation of the manga has come under fire from many reviewers for the poor quality of the animation.

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Anime UK News review of original series

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