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Punch Line Review

‘If he [Yuta] sees underwear, humanity will be destroyed!?’

Yuta is on a bus. The bus has been hijacked and is about to crash. Super girl Strange Juice comes to the rescue. But then terrified…

• August 29, 2016
HaNaYaMaTa Review
Anime Review

HaNaYaMaTa Review

HaNaYaMaTa Review

Naru Sekiya is a terminally average 14 year old, with average intelligence, athleticism and talents. She had hoped everything would change when she started middle school, and her life would …

• August 25, 2016
Manga Review

Fairy Tail Zero Review

The Fairy Tail manga has long been one of my favourite shonen series. Like with all long running manga though, I always get left feeling that there are more stories to be told in the universe than …

• August 22, 2016
Book Review

Re:Zero #1 Review

If you asked me which anime was being talked about the most from the Spring/Summer 2016 season then I’d answer without a doubt with Re:Zero. For better or worse the series has captured viewers…

• August 17, 2016
Manga Review

Bleach – Volume 67


As the announcement of Bleach’s final chapter still rings across the manga and anime-related internet, Volume 67 is released here in the UK, still several volumes away…

• August 9, 2016
Manga Review

Haikyu!! Volume 2 Review

I’ve recently had the chance to catch up with the second season of the Haikyu!! anime on Crunchyroll and due to this I’ve been in the mood to sample even more of the series. Enter Volume 2 of the…

• August 7, 2016