UK TV channel VICELAND announces daily anime programming from 17th July

The UK TV channel VICELAND (Sky Channel 153, Now TV) has announced that it will begin airing the following anime series (from Anime Limited & MVM) from 17th July every day at midnight: Cowboy Bebop, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, Samurai Champloo & Eureka Seven. These will be English dubbed broadcasts. Read the full press release from VICELAND UK​ below.


“Cowboy Bebop”, “Tokyo Ghoul”, “Tokyo Ghoul Root A”, “Samurai Champloo” and “Eureka Seven” amongst first Anime titles to debut on VICELAND UK​

London, June 20, 2017: VICELAND, the youth-focused TV network from VICE Media, has announced a string of critically acclaimed anime acquisitions for its UK channel, in partnership with leading distributor Anime Ltd.

The added titles mark the genre’s return to linear television, with animations to TX from 17th July at midnight in a regular daily slot on VICELAND UK.

Amongst the anime titles are ‘Tokyo Ghoul’, based on the cult manga series by Sui Ishida, along with season follow-up ‘Tokyo Ghoul Root A’ and acclaimed 50 episode series, ‘Eureka Seven’.

And, ahead of Tomorrow Studio’s recently announced live-action re-boot, VICELAND UK has also picked up rights to the award-winning series, ‘Cowboy Bebop’, along with action adventure title ‘Samurai Champloo’ from the same directors.

All four series will be shown on VICELAND in a dubbed format.

About The New Shows:

The crew of the Bebop is once again ready to clean up space by bringing bad guys to justice and trying to make some cash while doing it!
Join the always-cool Spike Spiegal, investigative genius Jet Black, the alluring Faye Valentine, the amazing (but weird) Ed and the super-smart Welsh Corgi named Ein as they try to make a buck in the year 2071. How do they do it? They’re bounty hunters!

In modern day Tokyo, society lives in fear of Ghouls: mysterious creatures that look exactly like humans — yet hunger insatiably for their flesh. None of this matters to Ken Kaneki, a bookish and ordinary young man, until a dark and violent encounter turns him into the first ever Ghoul-human half-breed. Trapped between two worlds, Ken must survive the violent conflicts of warring Ghoul factions, while attempting to learn more about Ghoul society, his newfound powers, and the fine line between man and monster.

Based on the manga series by Sui Ishida and produced by Studio Pierrot (BLEACH, YU YU HAKUSHO) TOKYO GHOUL is directed by Shuhei Morita, who received an Oscar-nomination at the 86th Academy Awards for his short film, Possessions.

The twisted horror hit is back, and the ghouls haven’t lost their taste for blood.

After weeks of torture at the hands of Aogiri Tree, Kaneki emerges a changed ghoul. No longer the meek young man who struggled with his hunger, Kaneki goes through a ravenous feeding frenzy, even devouring other ghouls to collect their power.

He then joins the very organization that attempted to break him, Aogiri Tree, and the ghoul faction quickly becomes embroiled in a war between other ghoul groups and the CCG. Along with Amon, Mado’s daughter Akira, hoping to avenge her father’s untimely death, spearheads the anti-ghoul attacks. As the war between humans and ghouls intensifies, one question remains: what makes a monster?

Where Hip-Hop meets Anime – from the directors of Cowboy Bebop, Animatrix and Kill Bill animation.

Mugen is a buck wild warrior–violent, thoughtless and womanizing. Jin is a vagrant ronin–mysterious, traditional, and strong. These two fiercely independent warriors couldn’t be more different from one another, yet their paths cross when Fuu, a ditzy female, saves them from being executed. Fuu convinces the two young men to help her find a mysterious samurai.

Relive the classic era of anime with the studio that brought you Escaflowne, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Wolf’s Rain.

Renton is a teenager trapped working as a mechanic in a backwater town. He dreams of joining up with a daredevil group of pilots known as Gekkostate and following in his father’s heroic footsteps. When a mysterious beauty named Eureka shows up asking for a tune-up, Renton soon finds himself drawn into a high-flying mecha dogfight that makes him a target of the military. When the dust settles on the spectacular battle, Renton is invited to join Gekkostate, but he soon discovers that even a dream come true has a dark side.


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